About Us

Who We Are

catterygarden1.jpgSantosha Cattery and Boarding Kennels was established around 40 years ago by Susan and David Crossley. Although the day to day running is now managed by their son, Adam, they remain actively engaged in the business, largely responsible for the beautiful gardens our boarders enjoy.

Santosha (pronounced san-toe-sha) means contentment in Sanskrit. Although only spoken natively today by a very few people, Sanskrit is one of the holy languages of Hinduism. We feel that contentment is a key achievement in caring for cats and that a cat who is contented whilst staying with us will go home a happy cat.

We are former breeders of pedigree British Shorthair cats and this experience enables us to offer knowledgeable care to kittens, elderly cats and others with special needs, including diabetics.

David, Susan and Adam are supported by 6 staff members, the majority of whom hold nationally recognised animal care qualifications.

A Cattery is more confining than most cats are used to at home. Our aim is that our boarders are as relaxed as possible, kept engaged and entertained by regular interaction with people as well as their environment. This is on top of the basics of being kept clean, warm and well fed.

Our cattery has evolved over the years. We were the first in this area to open a unit with outside runs and our upgrades have always been in line industry best practice. All our cat accommodation exceeds the current construction standards laid down by CIEH and FAB. We are licensed by Cheshire East Council and a member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Association.