Q. What should I bring when my cat comes to board?
You will need to bring him in a secure carrying box. You should also bring his vaccination card. We provide a bed and fleecy bedding but you can bring his own bed if you prefer. You are also welcome to bring items such as toys. Please don't bring food & water bowls or a litter tray.

Q. What about food? 
Our 'house' dry food is Iams Chicken variety and we keep Whiskas and Felix cans and pouches. Unless you ask us to do something differently, fresh water and dry food is available all day and a portion of wet food is served in the morning. If you would prefer you can provide the food you use at home and we will feed according to your direction.

Q. My cat isn't vaccinated. Can he still board?
No. We do not accept unvaccinated cats or cats whose boosters are overdue. You will need to make sure that his vaccination programme is up date several weeks before you plan to board. If your cat hasn't been vaccinated before then 30 days must elapse after his vaccination until he can board. We require your cat is vaccinated against Feline Enteritis, Feline Herpes and Feline Calcivirus. We also recommend vaccination against Feline Leukaemia. Consult your vet for further advice.

Q. Do you accept out of hours collections?
For a £10 fee - and by prior arrangement only - we offer collection on a Sunday between 3pm and 4pm. Otherwise we only accept cats for check in and check out during our standard opening hours. We have some of the longest opening hours in the area and a flexible next day collections policy which means you pay no extra if you collect before 9:30am the next day. 

Q. Can I see where my cat will be staying on arrival?
Yes, of course. You are most welcome to see him settled into his pen. If you prefer not to, that is fine too - some people get upset at having to leave their cat.

Q. My cat is on medication. Will you give it to him whilst boarding?
Yes. Bring along his prescription with the dosage instructions clearly marked and we will give him his medicines according to the directions. We generally do this free of charge but if the prescription regime is complicated (multiple daily tablets or injections for example) then we may make an additional charge. This will be explained on booking. You should also be aware that - like most insurance policies - existing medical conditions are not covered by the cattery insurance scheme. Note that we cannot board cats suffering from infectious illnesses.

Q. My cat is diabetic. Can you board him? 
Yes, we have lots of experience managing diabetic regimes. Please contact us to discuss your cat's requirements in more detail. 

Q. I made a booking but my dates have changed. Can I shorten / extend his stay?
You can usually extend a booking with no problem. During very busy periods this can be problematic however and you should let us know as soon as you can. You can always shorten a stay.

Q. I made a booking but I have to cancel it.
No problem. We appreciate you letting us know as soon as you can. We don't usually charge for cancellations but we do reserve the right to make a charge for late cancellations and no shows during peak times.

Q. Do you need a booking deposit?
We may ask for a booking deposit to secure peak time bookings but otherwise not usually.

Q. I have 2 cats. Can they go together?
Yes, of course. We have pens large enough for up to 5 cats to stay together. They must be from the same home though. We never mix strange cats.

Q. Do you board kittens?
Provided they are fully vaccinated, yes. 30 days must elapse after the initial vaccinations. They are usually at least 13 weeks old before their vaccination course is complete.

Q. My cat is old. Can he still board?
Yes, of course. Let us know of any special needs he may have. We have ramps in some pens so that older cats don't have to jump if they aren't able. He will need his boosters to be up to date though.

Q. Will my cat have to change pens during his stay?
Not usually. There is, however, the odd occasion when it is necessary for cleaning or other such reasons. We may move a longer term boarder around to keep his environment stimulating too.

Q. Will you fasten my cat away at night?
Not usually. Cats are free to use their individual outside run all day and all night unless particularly sharp overnight frosts are forecast.

Q. Do you board dogs as well?
Yes we do. You can find more information about our kennels at

Q. Do the dogs upset the cats?
No they don't, in our experience. The cattery and kennels are two separate areas. Obviously the dogs can be heard but the cats cannot see the dogs nor do dogs enter the cattery area. Moreover, the route to the cattery from the entrance does not go through the dog kennels. The kennels staff work hard to keep the dogs occupied and outside of the inevitable excitement of mealtimes and walkies the kennels are usually surprisingly quiet.

Q. Are you open over the Christmas period?
We are open to pets over the Christmas holidays. We operate our regular opening hours every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's day. On those 3 days we are closed to people.

Q. Do you charge more over Christmas and other peak times?
We apply a £12 per pen flat surcharge for stays over Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Like any other organisation that needs it's staff to work over Christmas our costs increase. Other than this our charges are the same all year.

Q. Do you open on Bank Holidays?
Yes, other than over the Christmas period described above we operate our normal opening hours on Bank Holidays.

Q. Who is your vet?
Our vets are the Hillside Veterinary Practice, 146 Crewe Road, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6NB. Telephone 01270 625310.

Q. This website is brilliant / ok / rubbish. Can I give feedback?
Yes, of course. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Effusive praise is always accepted (and encouraged). Constructive comment is welcome.

Q. I have other questions not covered here.
Give us a call on 01270 811314 and we'll do our best to answer them for you.