Our Boarding Kennels

A boarding kennels can be a rather different environment  to what most family dogs are used to. The daily routine is different, there is the presence of other dogs and unfamiliar people and the typically higher activity level. Most dogs, being generally quite sociable animals, take to the environment well and have a really good time. A few can find it a bit intimidating or stressful.

At Santosha Boarding Kennels, minimising stress and promoting positive doggy experiences is central to everything we do. Staying up to date with the latest research into dog behaviour guides everything from how we build and upgrade our kennels, how we train our humans, how we structure enrichment activities for the dogs and how we interact with them. We cannot provide an environment the same as it is at home but we can ensure a dependable routine, lots of positive human contact, physical and mental stimulation, activities to break up the day, security and peaceful times to get some good sleep. We offer all breeds of dog a high standard of friendly, knowledgeable care in clean, modern, well maintained accommodation. We have good quality house dry and wet dog food and are also happy to use food provided from home. We can also manage special diets and medications, including insulin for diabetics.

Large Rooms

Our large rooms offer a significant step up from a more traditional kennel - both in size and design. An enclosed room with a glass door, offering much greater privacy from other dogs, they have between 3.0 - 4.2m2 tiled, heated indoor area and between 9 and 10m2 of total space including a covered outdoor run.  We can house up to 3 larger or 4 smaller dogs from the same home sharing. Each insulated room is heated with an infra red heater, has a fan for cooling where needed and features a smart speaker for a choice of relaxing sounds.

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Exercise and Enrichment

Dogs are walked individually in our large paddocks and we have the option of some off lead fun in our large secure enclosures. Different walking routes, rabbit occupied hedgerows, herb gardens and structures to investigate offer plenty of stimulation and things to occupy active minds. Balls and airflow toys to chase and fetch await those with a penchant for such things in the enclosures. Each dog has around 20 minutes of individual exercise per day. We don't exercise dogs in groups. Exercise is given appropriate to the individual - lively dogs will enjoy a walk and an off lead blast whilst an older one maybe a more sedate stroll for a change of scenery. Additional blocks of one to one exercise can be purchased for higher energy dogs.

We also have an 80m2 all weather surface area and two 20m2 covered enclosures where our boarders have the opportunity to spend more time out of their accomodation, engaging in various activites to keep their minds busy. This is in addition to us walking around talking to the dogs, asking how they are, sitting in their pens with them and generally ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.

Exercise Paddocks

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