About Us

Who We Are

kennelssign.jpg Santosha Boarding Kennels and Cattery was established around 40 years ago by Susan and David Crossley. Although the day to day running is now managed by their son, Adam, they remain actively engaged in the business, largely responsible for the beautiful gardens our boarders enjoy.

We are internationally recognised breeders and exhibitors of Shih Tzu. We have bred many Champions including several Bests of Breed at Crufts. One of our dogs won Crufts Best of Breed in 2011 and 2012. Susan and David are both international Championship show judges, having officiated as far afield as Australia and have both judged at Crufts - a rare double honour.

Our vast experience with dogs is put to good use in the everyday running of the kennels. It doesn't matter whether your dog is a pedigree or a unique combination all of his own, all have the same care and attention and we never forget that each boarder is a treasured member of someones family.

David, Susan and Adam are supported by 6 staff members, the majority of whom hold nationally recognised animal care qualifications. We are licensed by Cheshire East Council and are a member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Association.

Our Philosophy

A boarding kennels can be a very different environment  to what most family dogs are used to. The daily routine is different, there is the presence of other dogs and unfamiliar people and the typically higher activity level. All of these things can induce stress. Many dogs, being generally quite sociable animals, take to the environment pretty well. Others can find it a bit intimidating.

At Santosha Kennels, minimising stress and promoting positive doggy experiences is central to everything we do. Staying up to date with the latest research into dog psychology and behaviour guides everything from how we build and upgrade our kennels, how we train our humans, how we structure enrichment activities for the dogs and how we interact with them. We cannot provide an environment the same as it is at home but we can ensure lots of positive human contact, physical and mental stimulation during exercise times, activities to break up the day and peaceful times to get some good sleep.