Q. What should I bring when my dog comes to board?
You will need to bring him on a lead. You should also bring his vaccination card. We provide a bed and vetbed fleecy quick dry bedding so your own isn't required. Certainly on his first couple of visits we would encourage you to bring something from home with familiar smells. A piece of bedding and/or a couple of toys can help him to settle in.

Q. Is there anything I shouldn't bring?
Food or water bowls. Wicker baskets. Polystyrene Bean bags. Bedding with large amounts of stuffing or filling. 

Q. My dog isn't vaccinated. Can he still board?
No. We do not accept unvaccinated dogs or dogs whose boosters are overdue. You will need to make sure that his vaccination programme is up date several weeks before you plan to board. Many vets are adopting a vaccination protocol whereby some components of the vaccine (leptospirosis) are given annually and some every 3 years. Consult your vet for further advice.

Q. Does my dog have to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough?
Yes, it is a condition of boarding that all dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough. We will not accept into our care any dogs which we believe to be infected with Kennel Cough.

Q. My dog has never boarded in kennels before. Will he be ok? 
It is quite a different environment to a family home so there is usually a settling in period. This will vary from dog to dog. It is often a good idea to bring a first timer to stay for a couple of days when you are not on holiday to introduce him gradually. We work to minimise stress and also keep your dog engaged with his surroundings so he doesn't pine. You are very welcome to call us to check how your dog is doing if you have any concerns whilst he is boarding. We will also give you an honest assessment of how your dog has found his stay with us. We can also email or post to Facebook photos of your dog.

Q. Do you accept out of hours collections?
For a £10 fee - and by prior arrangement only - we offer collection on a Sunday between 3pm and 4pm. Otherwise we only accept dogs for check in and check out during our standard opening hours. We have some of the longest opening hours in the area and a flexible next day collections policy which means you pay no extra if you collect before 9:30am the next day. 

Q. My dog is on medication. Will you give it to him whilst boarding?
Yes. Bring along his prescription with the dosage instructions clearly marked and we will give him his medicines according to the directions. We generally do this free of charge but if the prescription regime is complicated (multiple daily tablets or injections for example) then we may make an additional charge. This will be explained on booking. You should also be aware that - like most insurance policies - existing medical conditions are not covered by the kennels insurance scheme.

Q. Do you board diabetic dogs?
Yes. We have lots of experience of managing diabetic regimes. Please contact us for further details. 

Q. Can I see where my dog will be staying on arrival?
It is less disruptive to your dog (and all the others) to say goodbyes in reception than with an audience of other dogs voicing their opinion. This isn't us being secretive, it makes for a calmer kennel (and happier dogs) if they don't have to deal with too many strange faces. This isn't a flat no, if you would like to see your dog in then we can accommodate you, although we would rather encourage you to come and have a look around in advance so you have already seen the accommodation.

Q. Will my dog have to change pens during his stay?
Possibly. We do occasionally move dogs around if necessary for cleaning or other such reasons.

Q. Will you fasten my dog away at night?
Yes. It depends a little on the time of year. They stay out later in the summer but generally are kept in after 5pm in the winter. There's not usually much argument with this, the heating works better with the outside doors shut.

Q. Last time my dog stayed in kennels he lost a lot of weight. Is this common?
Certain breeds of dog - notably Border Collies, Boxers, Dalmations, Great Danes - are prone to weight loss in kennels. It depends on the dog but 'highly strung' types can expend a lot of energy through excitement at being around other dogs. They quite frequently do not stop running around all day and so they burn more calories than they take in. We work hard to enhance calm, minimise stress and keep active minds occupied. It is quite common for other dogs (especially overweight ones) to lose a little weight in kennels if they stay for a while too.

Q. I made a booking but my dates have changed. Can I shorten / extend his stay?
You can usually extend a booking with no problem. During very busy periods this can be problematic however, and you should let us know as soon as you can. You can always shorten a stay. Stays that are significantly shortened without notice at peak times will be charged for the full booking.

Q. Do you require a deposit?
For bookings during peak times - generally around the school holidays - we usually require a non-refundable deposit to secure bookings.

Q. I made a booking but I have to cancel it.
No problem. We appreciate you letting us know as soon as you can. Although we rarely charge cancellation fees, we do reserve the right to make a charge for late cancellations and no shows during peak times and may ask for a deposit on future bookings.

Q. I have 2 dogs. Can they go together?
Yes, of course. We have kennels large enough for up to 4 dogs to stay together. They must be from the same home though. We never mix strange dogs.

Q. My dog is a fussy eater.
We have a variety of different foods to tempt. Alternatively you are welcome to bring along the food he has at home and we will feed him as per your instructions.

Q. Do you board puppies?
Provided they have been fully vaccinated for 30 days, yes.

Q. My dog is old. Can he still board?
Yes, of course - provided he is fully vaccinated. Please be sure to let us know of any special needs he may have.

Q. Do you board cats as well?
Yes we do. You can find more information about our cattery at

Q. Are you open over the Christmas period?
We are open to pets over the Christmas holidays. We operate our regular opening hours every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's day. On those 3 days we are closed to people.

Q. Do you charge more over Christmas?
We apply a one off £15 surcharge for stays over Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Like any other organisation that needs it's staff to work over Christmas our costs increase.

Q. Who are your vets?
Our vets are the Hillside Veterinary Practice, 146 Crewe Road, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6NB. Telephone 01270 625310.

Q. This website is brilliant / ok / rubbish. Can I give feedback?
Yes, of course. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Effusive praise is always accepted (and encouraged). Constructive comment is welcome.

Q. I have other questions not covered here.
Give us a call on 01270 811314 and we'll do our best to answer them for you.