Our Facilities

Large Rooms

We have 8 large rooms. Each offers 48 sq ft of space indoors with a 60 sq ft polycarbonate covered outdoor run. The building is double glazed and insulated so it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Indoor floors are tiled throughout. Each kennel is a full height room design and is heated by infra red lamps during the colder months.


Standard Kennels

Completely modernised inside in 2005, our standard kennels offer 24 sq ft of indoor space with a connecting 45 sq ft outdoor run. Similar to the large kennels, indoor floors are tiled throughout and the upvc double glazed windows allow plenty of natural light. The outdoor runs are covered by a light and airy polycarbonate roof allowing access to outdoors in all weathers.



Dogs are walked individually in our large paddocks and we have the option of some off lead fun in our large secure enclosure. Different walking routes, regular changes of direction and rabbit occupied hedgerows offer plenty of stimulation and things to occupy active minds. Balls and airflow toys to chase and fetch await those with a penchant for such things in the enclosure. Each dog has around 15 minutes of individual exercise per day. We don't exercise dogs in groups. Exercise is given appropriate to the individual - lively dogs will enjoy a walk and an off lead blast whilst an older one maybe a more sedate stroll for a change of scenery.